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July 10, 2018


Photo by Philip Estrada on Unsplash

A ball of yarn and a square with a 0. 

Is called lace, fingering, or thread, here your STEEL hooks will come handy. 

Here a good start: Patons - Athena - Aunt Lydia's.

A ball of yarn and a square with a 1. 

Is called super fine project ideas fingering, socks; sometimes  baby projects as well,  you are going to use  STEEL and ALUMINUM hooks depending on the project


July 10, 2018

I learned to crochet when I was about 7 or 8 years old, of course, I just create for fun or simply to keep busy, forward 25 years and I began creating outfits for my children, and it felt awesome! So if you have that idea of wanting to create and relax in the process let me help you with this, from my perspective.


I hear a lot of my friends tell me all I can do is go in circles, or all I can do i...

June 28, 2018

I do not use a gauge for any of my products sorry! If you want to sell products out of this pattern please do so!!!!!!, however please please please don't use my photo for it. make your design and post it up. Thank you in advance and enjoy :)


I used double point needles for this project

Cast 80 stitches with White and work rib stitch, 2 knit and 2 Purl for about 1 inches

Change to Pink work rib stitch 2 knit and 2...

June 28, 2018

Welcome! You will be able to design your project, so enjoy the read and hope you like what you see!

Welcome to a piece of heaven where you just relax answer some questions, and I prepare something special and unique for you.

Of course by now you know I have 3 ways to create.

If you are interested in ordering from me, please follow the instructions below.

Now I have some Disclaimers YOU MUST READ!!!!! 



June 27, 2018

I have many hats!, one of them is Crochet, and I will love to teach you! everything about crochet. So please, come and join me and lets have some fun together.

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