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There are lots of custom accessories we create for our wonderful customers. We have face masks available for the COVID-19 pandemic we are still facing. With the pandemic taking place, we all want to be safe and what makes this face mask special is it is washable and can be reused. It is made out of yarn, so it is added comfort and breathable for both the face and the ears. Other items include scarfs, which keep the neck area warm, and some also use it for fashion. For those interested, we have the entire set with a scarf, mittens, and hat. We created some handbags for children to easily carry their books or toys without losing them or dropping them. There are some for adults too that can be used as a tote bag. Some stores are discontinuing grocery bags, so this can come in handy. For girls or women who love to put their hair up, we also have "Scrunch-Em-Up Hair Tie / Bracelets."

Crafts ease our minds when we come up with different designs and creations. Handmade jewelry is no different. Women and girls love fashion and apparel items. We make handmade jewelry that catches everyone's attention. The "Glass Square Ecuadorian Ring" draws much interest from our customers who love to wear jewelry. Like everything else we sell, our handmade jewelry is ready to ship along with any other items chosen by our customers. We make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that women can feel attractive. They come in different styles and colors of glass. It almost resembles a colored stone. There are even sets to purchase with rings, earrings, and necklaces all in one. We also sell rope collars, which can be used for anything in fashion. None of our items are diamonds and gold, but the feel of handmade jewelry can make a person feel just as special.




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