Handmade Clothing

Our Handmade Clothing is Our Signature Design

All of our sales items are ready to be shipped to any location.


Handmade clothing can be made custom ordered. We deliver the necessary information and pictures or items already made, and our customers can tell us how they want them made.


During this duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking every precaution to make sure items are sanitized before shipping. When our customers shop online, we get with them in little to no time, and we can communicate for the perfect sale to take place on our handmade products. We can make beanies, baby dresses, blankets, Shawls, vests, all you have to do is give me your design, the color you would like it on and we can begin.


It is important when choosing custom handmade clothing; some colors may not be what the customer wants exactly. We work to get the color of yarn as close as possible. It depends on the store and the creation codes from the manufacturers.

In our kids' clothing, we have multiple items available ready to be sent out. We create some beautiful red color items for Valentine's, Spooktober Beanies that have become our October signature in a way, Elf and Santa Hats for Christmas the kids will love.


We have kids clothing for both boys and girls. The parents love how their children look in our unique handmade creations. We have vests, beanie hats, scarfs, and other items of interest. Kids and babies are so easy to please as they look great in whatever the parents decide to put them in. We have wrap-up blankets, booties, pom-pom baby beanies, baby clothes, and even something to hide the diapers with a diaper cover-up for babies. It comes in a little suit which can also be custom made. There are even little dresses for little girl toddlers and babies we put together. Our customers are amazed at the thought and creations we design.