Knitting and Crocheting Shop

The Joy In Custom Crafts Sold at Our Crocheting Shop

HomeExpressionStyle is a customizable Shop with items handmade with Yarn - wood - Vynil - Glass.


In our knitting and crocheting shop, we develop products for baby showers, or a stroll into town with dresses, and hats and then some.

We also Custom Blankets for Car Seats and cribs.

We love doing custom made items. It brings out our talents, and it shows the pride we take in our unique creations. When a customer creates with our shop and sees the knitted and crocheted product, they fall in love with its craftiness.


We can do shawls, throw blankets, baby clothes, and other items that our customers will appreciate. Customers who follow us can also go online and subscribe to our newsletter when it comes available. That way, we can always stay in touch and deliver the latest news about what is happening at our shop.

We also do custom crafts that come from yarn or woodwork. Our store is almost like a gift shop when it comes to what we have inside. There are different designs and items we make in our custom crafts section. Many people have their homes set up a particular way where they have themes. With our custom crafts, we can match those themes in the house. Just let us know what is desired, and we will accommodate it. We make stuff that can hang on walls, put on tables, nicknacks, and useful items to go well in a kitchen, next to a chair, or anywhere. People love custom crafts that are useful and serve a purpose other than viewing. All of our creations make great gifts, especially for the holidays coming up quickly. We can make almost anything for the home, office, garage, mancaves, she sheds, dens, or any location our customers find their comfort zone.