Wood Burning

Customizing With A Wood Burner

When it comes to woodworking and making handicrafts, a wood burner can put the touch-ups on a lot of designs. Almost any design can come from a wood burner. It is like a tattoo artist; only it is done on wood. A wood burner makes a brown or black marking in the wood, and many artists, sign painters, and other creative designers use wood burners to custom design unique creations for their customers. On any given day, we can have an idea and pick up a piece of wood and a wood burner and create anything. When it comes to signs, there are Welcome signs that hang on doors or some that say, "Out to Lunch," or "Open" and Closed." Stencils can create letters in any design from regular to Greek-style literature to say anything custom-made or something we say regularly that can hang anywhere.

Another option we perform for our customers is picture transfers. This is where we can place pictures on wood, paper, or cardboard. Many people love to hang their favorite photos on different items to make it look authentic and add style to their walls. These picture transfers can go on almost anything, but the popularity is on wood. Frames are made out of wood or plastic, but when the picture is instilled into the wood grain, it is crafty and unique. Most people choose a board or a bark of a tree to have their loved ones, or memorable moments added to the handcraft. It can hang on a wall or over a fireplace. Some put them in kitchens or offices where the design adds spunk to a room. With its uniqueness, it becomes the focal point within a room. It catches every eye and attention.